Joe Abraham is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Ancy Joe is a Counselling Psychologist. They are passionate about inspiring people to thrive in life. They have years of rich experience in working with leaders, families, youth, business people, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Joe Abraham is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. He has twenty years of rich experience in developing people potential. He provides individuals and teams the motivation, clarity, and insights they need to thrive at work and life. Joe has done speaking and training sessions in 120+ venues in different cities in India and abroad. He has comprehensive knowledge and experience in working with young people and helping them develop their potential, which he found very helpful in coaching entrepreneurs and leaders. His coaching sessions are inspirational and powerful. Joe has a Master of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from Kerala University, and a Master of Divinity degree from Centre for Global Leadership Development, Bangalore. He is an Independent Certified Coach and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team (USA). For more info, visit

Ancy Joe is a Counselling Psychologist. She helps her clients live their best life. Her vision is to help clients learn to resolve emotional and interpersonal issues through meaningful and well informed choices. Ancy has done M.Sc. in Counselling Psychology from Martin Luther University, Shillong,India and Bachelor of Pharmacy from Bangalore University, Bangalore, India. Ancy has served as an Intern at the Psychiatry Department of Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bangalore and at United International School, Bangalore. For more info, visit